Attacks on GPs go unreported

There has been a rise in attacks on GPs and practice staff but it has been stated by GP leaders that the quandary is not being paid enough heed.

Under the Freedom to Information Act, details of attacks on practice staff and GPs was requested by GP magazine from 2010/11 to 2012/13. These were requested from each of the UK's 52 police forces.

It was stated by 30 police forces that they did not have an account of the number of attacks taken place in GP premises.

Latin American countries oppose Amazon's .gTLD application

With the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) revealing the first of the Internet's generic top-level domains (gTLDs) this week, an effort is underway to block Seattle-based bigwig online retailer Amazon from securing the .Amazon domain.

The Wall Street Journal has revealed in a recent report that protests by Latin American countries affiliated with the Amazon River has apparently led the ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee to advise against allowing the .Amazon domain to be taken over by Amazon.

Logitech unveils new wireless stereo speakers - Bluetooth Speakers Z600

On Wednesday, Logitech unveiled a new Z600 set of Bluetooth Speakers, which comprise an "elegantly designed" pair of wireless stereo speakers that will essentially complement the sleek good looks of Mac and Ultrabook computers.

The new Bluetooth Speakers Z600 will sell at a retail price of $150; and will likely hit the US and Europe markets in August.

Commercial Times: Apple may delay iPhone 5S unveiling till the end of the year

In a recently-published report, Taiwanese newspaper Commercial Times has said that the much-anticipated unveiling of the next iPhone iteration - the iPhone 5S - will probably be delayed by tech giant Apple till the end of the year. The delay apparently stems from the design change which the company made to incorporate a bigger 4.3-inch Retina Display screen on the handset.

The Commercial Times had earlier revealed in a report - citing the information shared by unnamed sources in the semiconductor industry - that Apple will possibly introduce iPhone 5S in September or October.

Dish opens API for Hopper DVR to third-party developers of mobile apps

On Tuesday, pay-TV company Dish opened the API for its Hopper Whole-Home DVR platform to third-party mobile app developers; thereby giving the developers the ability to integrate Hopper controls into mobile apps.

With reports revealing that the opening up of the API for Hopper will enable trusted Dish partners to access many of the same APIs that are used by the company for its own Dish Explorer mobile app, it is evident that the effort will stimulate innovation among the developers of smartphone and tablet apps.

WSJ: Google has held talks with media firms to introduce its own Internet-streamed TV service

According to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, Web search giant Google has - in recent times - held talks with media firms, in connection with its plans to introduce its own online-television service.

As per the WSJ report, based on the information shared by `inside' sources, Google has approached media companies with the aim of seeking licensing for Internet-streamed TV service. Apparently, the service for which Google is seeking licensing will work by streaming traditional TV to subscribers through a broadband connection.

Dementia risk down 25%

Researchers have claimed that as compared 20 years ago, the chances of developing dementia is less among Britons now.

Since the 1990s, there has been a quarter decline in the chances of developing the disease, a major study found.

There has been a rise in the overall number of dementia sufferers and this is because of prevalence of illness as more of us live to an age when this is happening more.

Amazon, Best Buy offering BlackBerry Z10 for $50

In a move which apparently is a result of the reportedly dwindling sales of the BlackBerry Z10 handset, running the long-anticipated new BlackBerry 10 operating system (BB10 OS), Amazon and Best Buy have cut the price of the handset substantially; and are now offering it for just $50.

Microsoft slashes Surface RT prices by $150

After having announced a significant company restructuring last Thursday, Microsoft announced a price-reduction move over the weekend; slashing the cost of its Windows 8-based flagship Surface RT tablets by $150.

The discount offer which Microsoft has announced for its Surface RT tablets - which run a limited version of Windows 8 OS - brings down the cost of the 32GB and 64 GB version of the device to $349 and $449 respectively. The models currently cost $499 and $599.

Valve’s new ‘Pipeline’ program to help students get into gaming industry

A brand new website was recently launched by Valve to unveil a new program called `Pipeline,' which will provide guidance to high-school students who may be contemplating a future in gaming industry. To introduce the teenagers to the program, Valve kicked off the effort with the release of a short video.

According to the new program-related details shared on the dedicated website, the `Pipeline' program will essentially host video content as well as a forum which will answer the questions which teenagers commonly ask about careers in the gaming industry.

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