Germany wants to Raise Competitive Level in Eurozone

There are a number of people, who believe that Europe has now become a German Europe. While citing reason for the same, Ulrich Beck, Munich-based sociologist, has said in his book that the eurozone is the main reason for calling Europe as German Europe.

Beck continued to talk about the new German Europe by citing one more example and that was of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Beck was of the view that Merkel has been imposing her ideas on entire Europe.

Justin Bieber in Trouble for Bringing Exotic Monkey Pet without Proper Documents

Say it animal love or forgetfulness, it has been revealed that Justin Bieber forgot to take needed documents to take his ill exotic pet to Germany.

Resultant of which, German authorities have not only penalized Bieber, but has also taken away Briber's monkey named as Mally from him. They have sent Mally to a nearby shelter and has quarantined it and the pet has been getting a lot of media attention.

FTC announces winners of its ‘Robocall Challenge’ contest

On Tuesday, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced the winners of its first `Robocall Challenge' contest, which was a public competition that pertained to designing a system for stopping unsolicited marketing calls from reaching the handsets of the consumers.

A total 24 stone shed by members of slimming group

Four members of the Driffield Slimming World groups have been declared the greatest losers as they manage to lose about 24 stone in total.

Glynis Dunham was the Thursday group winner, who was about fat when she joined the group and her size was affecting almost every aspect of her life. She is now 60 years old and is about six stone or 71/2lbs lighter.

She has won the best prize of all and feels fitter, healthier and happier than she ever was. She's also won the group's Greatest Loser 2013 award for the member who lost the most weight.

Changes should be accepted as they come: Doc

Professionals, politicians and residents have been urged by a veteran doctor that changes taking places in the South Wales hospital services should be accepted.

According to retired Port Talbot GP Ed Roberts, change happens whether someone wants it or not. His association with the health services is about 40 years old.

Some of its services are being changed by Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University (ABMU) Health Board and these are a part of its Changing For The Better (C4B) programme. Dr Roberts is vice-chairman of the board.

Forbes: Google's privacy director Alma Whitten is stepping down in June

A Forbes report revealed on Monday that Alma Whitten, Google's current director of privacy for product and engineering, is stepping down from her post in June this year. She has reportedly stated that she plans to retire.

Whitten - who has been operating out of Google's London office - was appointed Google's director of privacy for product and engineering in 2010; seven years after she had worked as an engineer at the company which she joined in 2003.

Hepatitis B virus affects 5 patients

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, investigations into how five patients might have been exposed to hepatitis B are on by state health officials at a Boston hospital.

The hospital said that the patients were exposed to the virus at Boston Medical Centre during treatments. They are under observation, it was added.

According to officials of the hospital, keeping privacy of the patients furtive, details on how the patients may have come into contact with the virus has not been made public.

More cancer survivors in the decade to come

According to a report released by the American Association for Cancer Research, there is an expected rise of about 31 per cent when it comes to people surviving cancer in the United States taking the figure up from
13.7 million to 18 million, between January 2012 and 2022.

Julia Rowland, PhD, director of the Office of Cancer Surviorship at the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, said that the difference will be due to an aging population.

She said, "By 2020, we expect that two-thirds of cancer survivors are going to be age 65 or older."

Facebook may unveil new Android homescreen at its April 4 media event

With popular social network Facebook having sent out an invitation to the media for am April 4 event at its headquarters in California, there have been speculations galore about the announcements which the company will apparently make at the event.

While it is being assumed by some that the forthcoming event may witness the social network launchings the mythical Facebook phone, others are speculating that the company will probably unveil a new homescreen for the Android devices.

Two in China killed by new avian flu strain

The National Health and Family Planning Commission through its website stated that on March 4, an 87-year-old man in Shanghai fell died after falling ill on February 19. Another case was of a 27-year-old man from the city who got sick on February 27 and died on March 10. The reason cited was new strain of avian flu.

Another case is of a 35-year-old woman from the eastern province of Anhui, who is critical. She fell ill on March 9.

The three had faced similar symptoms of having fever and cough and this led to pneumonia. They had difficulty in breathing also.

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