Microsoft and Sony battling over the best plan to sell their next-gen game console

At a time when the $67 billion game market has been witnessing a slump for the last nearly two years, Microsoft and Sony are set to unveil their next-generation gaming consoles at the ongoing E3 event in Los Angeles.

With the traditional gaming industry having been dealt a blow by mobile devices like smartphones and tablets which are being preferred for game play by an increasing number of gamers, Microsoft and Sony are battling to prove that each has the best plan to sell its expensive new consoles - the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 (PS4) respectively.

BBM app for iOS and Android will become available this summer, but not on June 27

In a Thursday tweet, T-Mobile UK revealed that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) - a free messaging and social networking application for BlackBerry devices - will be available for iOS as well as Android OS some time this summer, but not on June 27.

Earlier, in a previous tweet posted on early Thursday, T-Mobile had said that BBM for iOS and Android is coming on June 27; and had substantiated the disclosure by serving up an image of a BBM conversation running on a Samsung Android handset.

Toyota unveils new design for 2014 Corolla sedan

On Thursday, Toyota introduced a new design for the 2014 model of its popular Corolla sedan; which will be a longer vehicle than its predecessor, will have a bigger back seat, and boast better gas mileage.

The new Corolla sedan - the 11th generation Corolla - features a new slick front-end design and flared rear wheel wells; and the 4-inch addition to the vehicle's length largely goes towards improving the leg space in the rear seat.

Toyota recalling nearly 242,000 hybrid vehicles worldwide due to faulty brakes

Automaker Toyota said in a Wednesday announcement that it is recalling nearly 242,000 gas-electric hybrid vehicles - including the company's best-seller Prius model - across the world, owing to a flaw in the brake design.

According to Toyota spokeswoman Shino Yamada, the recall - prompted by a brake issue - affects Toyota Prius of model year 2010, as well as Lexus HS 250h vehicles of the same model year. While the recalled Prius vehicles were manufactured between March and October 2009; the recalled Lexus HS 250h vehicles were produced between June and October 2009.

Pew: Most US adults now own smartphones

According to a new Pew Research Center report, based on a telephonic survey involving 2,250 adult participants, 91 percent of the adult population in the US now owns some kind of cell phone; with nearly 56 percent of them owning a smartphone.

The findings of the survey, carried out during the an almost month-long period between April 17 and May 19, 2013, one third - or nearly 35% percent - of the US adults now possess a mobile handset other than a smartphone; while 9 percent US adults do not own a cell phone at all.

Pregnant women should avoid household chemicals

There is no shortage of warnings and advices to new mothers and pregnant women when it comes to taking care of their babies.

Despite this, if they believe the experts then they should stay away from several household objects like cosmetic products, food packaging, and even furniture. These things are potentially harmful due to chemicals they contain.

Net neutrality talks underway in EU; ISPs may be banned from throttling, blocking competing services

With talks to bolster net neutrality across Europe currently underway, plans are being discussed by the officials of the European Union (EU) to ban the throttling and blocking of online sites and services by Internet service providers (ISPs).

As of now, the Netherlands is the only country which has implemented its own strict net neutrality policies; while a vast majority of EU countries have no effective net neutrality policies in place.

Google will not approve facial recognition capabilities in Glass software for now

Google has apparently addressed the potential privacy issues in its high-tech Glass wearable computing device by announcing on Friday that, for now, facial recognition capabilities will not be approved in Glass software.

The decision by Google to nix facial recognition in its avant-garde Glass specs, at least till privacy issues are addressed, comes within a couple of weeks of a May 17-dated formal Congressional letter. In the letter, Congress had asked Google to address a number of privacy concerns - one of them being facial recognition - in its Glass specs.

ElcomSoft report highlights security holes in Apple’s two-factor authentication process

A new report published by ElcomSoft, a firm which specializes in password cracking software, has highlighted the security holes in tech giant Apple's two-step authentication process which has been designed with the aim of increasing the security of iOS device users' Apple ID.

Video discovery startup Fanhattan unveils new Fan TV box

At the D11 conference in San Francisco on Thursday, video discovery startup Fanhattan unveiled its new Fan TV box, which is a streaming set-top box that not only gives the users the access to all their favorite streaming services, but also brings together the most notable elements of TV, DVR, and video-on-demand (VOD) services.

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